Blame it on Ebola

Since the 7th of November Sierra Leone is officially Ebola-free.  Even if the outbreak lasted far too long and it was far too painful, there is reason now to celebrate. The NGOs responsible for the Ebola response are now preparing for the phasing out. Life comes back to normal. Well, this is exactly the problem. … More Blame it on Ebola

Dignity Market

Dignity Market is a place that my friends rented so that disabled people living in different collective homes in and around the city can come there to work, men doing mostly tinsmithing, women gara-tie dying.   It was imagined as a workshop and a shop. Appearance  of workers was not steady and the selling never succeeded … More Dignity Market

Closed fists of Ebola

I did  long term anthropological fieldwork amongst the polio-disabled communities of Freetown between 2008 and 2012. The research fed into my doctoral dissertation: „Where parallel worlds meet: civil society and civic agency. Politicising polio in Sierra Leone”, defended in June 2015. My present visit is part of a mission funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation with the … More Closed fists of Ebola